Okay, hello. Forgot to mention this in an earlier post. Important! Neglect bicycle maintenance at your peril – brakes, quick releases, bottle cages, head set. Check for wear and tightness. Other breakdowns (chain, drivetrain, shifters, tyres, freewheel, crank) may inconvenience you but not these. These can compromise your (and our) safety. Don’t take that chance.

Okay, this for your information:

Bushtukah VIP April 27 5-9 pm 20% off sale

Cycling Sites: http://cyclocosm.com for a quick, snappy recap: Steephill at http://www.steephill.tv

Neat Cafe races this Saturday http://neatfood.myshopify.com/pages/the-burnstown-mile-foot-race-april-26th

Regarding this weekend, the weather forecast is not promising but we have no choice but to ride.

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PS: HP WS April 23,1564