Okay. Hello. The next writing should be the real McCoy, that is notification of training rides. Expect this will be for the weekend April 15-16. Will the snow be gone by then? Meantime, I’m off to Mallorca for two weeks. Would be nice to have some fellow travellers – perhaps next year.

Okay, picked up the above “early ripe, early rotten” from Peter in Cuba.  Quite apt, I thought, pertaining to training and fitness.

 Also, this – “if you keep that up you will be badly liked” . Great sense of humour, the English, eh. Not that I was the target of that barb, not really. Okay, that’s it from me for now. Ciao. ac  

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ps: if you haven’t checked out the vimeo video (see twitter post) on the 1962 TDF, do so. It’s great.

End of Ride

End of Ride