Okay hello, almost time to start-up the blog for another year of great cycling. Hope you are pumped for it. I am, after a winter of feeling ”soft in the middle”. Been a tough one. No question. Next year, I’m going to find a detour around X-mas eating. Is that possible? Is that desirable? What’s a life without some excess – controlled excess.

Okay, I will be incommunicado until April 15, more or less. Just wanted to give you a heads-up on the proposed training schedule for the RLCT. Some of the lads will be on the road in late March/early April. Weekend rides then will be hit and miss. Best to make some phone calls to see who is doing what. I will post again April 15, most likely.

Meantime, here is the tentative schedule:

– May 03/04 200 km weekend (includes ride to Quyon)

– May 10/11 200 km weekend (Pucker St  and Mountain Chute)

– May 17/18 240 km weekend (includes Almonte, Hopetown, Calabogie)

– May 24/25 270 km weekend (includes Pembroke and Quyon)

– May 31/01 200 km weekend (Kanata)

– June 07/08 RLCT 360 km weekend; don’t know about the RLCT, contact me.

Mark your calendar now. Schedule is weather dependent, of course. No specific schedule for April. But, we will ride in April. I will provide a formal ride notification for April 19 & 20, and onwards.

Okay, bye bye. AC
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