Okay. It has been slim pickings from the blog for several weeks. It is likely to be so for the next few months, since we are not cycling. Still, I wanted to say hello, just in case you thought I had disappeared off the face of the earth. Not yet, but it will come to pass, as they say. For details of your own earthly end-time, check out this calculator, sent to me by Mark G.:  http://media.nmfn.com/tnetwork/lifespan/#0

If this doesn’t prompt you to ride next season, well …  .

Speaking of which, please give the RLCT  some thought, especially if you are new to cycling and would like a challenge and would like to train with a group. You can’t beat cycling for high aerobic fitness.  And, of course, don’t forget the coffee stops.

As for updates, don’t forget to check out http://www.twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling. See the latest photo of  ice riding in Fitzroy Harbour Park, courtesy of RT.

Meantime, I’m thinking about cycling in Cuba for mid March? Are you?