October 19/13

Withdrawal symptoms already, how about you? The R5 is ready for a new season and a mid-winter tour to Cuba and a Spring trip to Mallorca: New chain, two new tubulars, new headset bearings, BBright BB fixed, frame cleaned and polished. Looking good, actually very good. Who knows, we may even get a surprise November weekend ride, if the weather tempts us. Be ready.

Now, how do I begin the story at hand. Here it is, our training schedule for the RLCT:

May 03/04 200 km weekend (includes ride to Quyon)

May 10/11 200 km weekend (Pucker St  and Mountain Chute)

May 17/18 240 km weekend (includes Almonte, Hopetown, Calabogie)

May 24/25 270 km weekend (includes Pembroke and Quyon)

May 31/01 200 km weekend (Kanata)

June 07/08 RLCT 360 km weekend; don’t know about the RLCT, contact me.

Mark your calendar now. Schedule is weather dependent, of course. No specific schedule for April, since it is always hit and miss. You could go with me to Mallorca, however.

Don’t neglect your fitness this winter. Some of the lads are already on the trainers; some others are still riding. Regardless, you must be fit to ride (in good form) for April 01.

Stay fit, firm, fine—always. Ciao. AC. Comments welcome at arnpriorcycling@bell.net; http://www.twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling

Too much fun! Gonna do this in 2014.

Too much fun! Gonna do this in 2014.