Palms Up

Palms Up

September 29: 91 Kms; 2:57 Hrs Saddle-time; 339 Metres; 3207 Calories. Mark, Perry, Raymond, Keith, Rob. Total for the weekend 196 Kms.

Okay, that was another great day for a cycle. Yesterday’s morning fog was gone,
replaced by a fickle but warm wind. We never did get the full benefit of it.
Our direction of travel home was not quite right, being as it was at a slight
angle into the wind. But, hey, when you have big horses up front, it makes all
the difference. A big thanks to the lads for pulling hard and dragging me along.
I even managed to hang on during the drag race down Wolf Grove Rd to the Palms in Almonte. This was in large part thanks to Mark who dug deep to bring me back into contact with the group. We bridged just before Keith took over from Perry, and that made all difference.

After a relaxed coffee and cheese scones and a few laughs at Palms, we pedaled on fresh pavement to Blakeney. This was all with little or no effort but at good pace as we found for a time our sweet spot in the wind.

The leaves too were in high spirits as they danced in the air before somersaulting
to the road in front us and then scurried along for a while as they tumbled over one another, jockeying for position, as we rode through them saying, “Hey wait up. We want to join you.” It was just that much fun! You just should have been there. And, you can, next Saturday, when we expect to ride the Tour des Ponts with WQWs.

Check for an update on Friday, Oct 04.

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”I am His Highness’ dog at Kew;/Pray tell me, sir, whose dog are you?”

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