Okay, how are you? Great week of weather and it is going to continue for a few days. The weekend is looking good for cycling. Hope you agree that this opportunity to be on the bicycle is not to be missed. I predict we ‘ll see bare legs tomorrow. Will you be one of the ones in shorts. Not many days left to enjoy warm fresh air. Don’t be put off by the cool temps in the morning Do you remember last Sunday? Quite a contrast in riding conditions this time of year. Would be great to see you and any new riders tomorrow. Here’s the plan:

Change of Venue!! Canadian Tyre parking lot on Daniel at 8 am 8 am ; Route: Carp and Kanata via Galetta Side Rd to Woodkilton, etc; From here maybe Vances Rd?? Coffee with Alice or at Starbucks (to be decided); Home via Panmure and Dwyerhill, perhaps. Distance s/b in the range of 100 beautiful kilometres. Don’t miss it!

Okay. Ciao. AC. Comments always welcome at arnpriorcycling@bell.net or www.twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling

From Epistle To Be Left in the Earth

Also none among us has seen God.
(…We have thought often
The flaws of sun in the late and driving weather
Pointed to one tree but it was not so.)
As for the nights I warn you the nights are dangerous:
The wind changes at night and the dreams come.

It is very cold,
there are strange stars near Arcturus,

Voices are crying an unknown name in the sky

Land and Sea N.I.

Land and Sea N.I.