Okay, good call on the no-ride this morning. Wet, heavy rain. As for Sunday, well it will be challenging because of the cool and windy conditions. Latest forecast calls for low temps and gusts of 35 Kms/hr. Still, the plan is to ride at 8 am from Stinsons to Renfrew via Burnstown. Coffee at Tims in Renfrew and then we will ride to Storyland, taking River Road back to Arnprior. How about that. Distance should be 80 Kms, unless we opt for Bruce St and Castleford instead. Expect to take in several hills in preparation for the Tour des Ponts on Oct 05. We will ride the up and down to Renfrew from Burnstown and then Pinnacle Hill to Garden of Eden and Hwy 17. Should be fun, don’t you agree, Got to keep it fresh. I know you will like it.

Recap: Stinsons for an 8am 8am start. You are not getting any younger, really. Got to ride now. If not, when?

Okay, ciao. AC. Comments welcome at arnpriorcycling@bell.net