Sept 14: 87.46 Kms; 3 Hrs Saddle time; 445 Metres; 2770 Calories. Jeff, Max, Perry, Raymond, Keith, Kevin, Angelo, Simon, Scott.

Okay, so I was leading from behind again. That’s very hard to do but the lads are great, knowing when to push on and to hold-up. They definitely were on the trot this morning, which was probably a good thing because it was cool. In fact, Angelo said it best when he remarked, ”I’m still cold even after the warm-up!” Things did improve but it took awhile. That big blue sky and smiling sun made a big difference to the spirits and to the temperature (eventually). The speedy run into Renfrew down Hwy 60 from Butler Road was sweet. By the time we hit the Bonnechere Bakery all was good. Boy, those sticky buns went down well. After coffee, it was time to climb the Bruce St hill to Hwy 17 and the Castleford Rd, followed by a quick dash to River Road. From there, we took a straight line down RR right into Arnprior. You just should have been there. And, you can on Sunday when we will do it all again.

A big thanks to Raymond who pulled me back to the group on the first twenty k’s or so of the ride. After that, all systems were going well. Special kudos to Kevin who has ridden himself into fine form and to Alastair who rides well for someone who doesn’t ride that much. Just shows you the general benefits of cross training and staying active.

Okay, what about Sunday? Here is the plan: Stinsons (at White Lake Rd) 8am 8am; Route to Burnstown and the Neat Cafe. How we will get there is yet to be determined but the distance will be in the 65-75 km range. Hope to see you in the morning. New riders welcome.

Okay, that’s it no poem and no picture. ac Comments welcome at; Twitter at