Sept 08: 71.7 Kms; 2.31 Hrs Saddle Time; 337 Metres; 2378 Calories. (Jeff), Mark, Perry, Raymond, Jarrod, Kevin, Mike G, (young) John. The saddle time is mine; the others were 2 Hrs 20.

Okay, first a nod to Seamus Heaney, a great poet, who died last week. His last words to his wife apparently were noli timere—don’t be afraid. One can only wonder if this was his last insight as a poet or just parting words of comfort.

Right, to the Sunday’s ride, it was good but hard for me but not for young John who capably follows Perry’s wheel without any difficulty. Nice to have you out with us, John. Good luck on the big cycle to Montreal next weekend. Also, it is always nice to have Jarrod join us when he takes a break from the cycle-cross circuit. So, there he was at Stinsons on his knobbly tyred bike, normally ridden on dirt and rough roads. The paved roads of Sunday’s circuit were no problem for Jarrod, Just a variation on a training run for him. Fit lad!

Well, the wind swung around to the NW, so we altered the route and headed to Renfrew rather than Carp; and, we opted for a slightly shorter route because of time commitments. This suited me fine because it’s clear I have lost cycling fitness during my walking holiday in Ireland. Yes, cycling is a cruel mistress: she demands constant favour and is fickle to boot, not hanging round if the one’s attention swings temporarily in another direction. It’s clear the rest of the lads are in fine form and are all looking forward to the WQW’s Tour des Ponts on October 05. Yes, the countdown is on to the end of the cycling season. Some of the lads will ride into late October and November. Some of the rest of us only till Thanksgiving.

Okay, that’s it until Friday. Let’s hope for a warmer and drier weekend. Sorry no pictures, forgot the camera.

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Here is some info from Rob: for some end of year bike sales. for bike friendly shops

”If you ever go across the sea to Ireland … .”

Path to Slieve Donard

Path to Slieve Donard