August 09: Okay, the weather is looking good for the weekend. Unfortunately, many of the lads are on holiday or out-of-town–Angelo, Mark W, Keith, Rob, Peter, others? So, the ranks may be thin on the ground for Saturday’s ride. That’s too bad because I have planned a great route, albeit one with lots of climbing. But, then again, it’s not the Rockies. Still, It’s all relative. As the father said to his son on the son’s leaving for university, ”It’s just  a question of perspective. You have a young man’s point of view, limited by short-sightedness and a lack of experience. You and your friends see the world as through a microscope — short in focus but no periphery; whereas, in a few years you’ll see the world as through a telescope, providing a longer view, context, and consequence from which to decide,  judge, and act.”

Okay, already what’s the plan?

Stinsons 7.30 am 7.30 am; Route: White Lake-Burnstown-Pucker St-Hwy 132-Renfrew for coffee at the Bonnechere Bakery after about 60 kms. Home via Hall St-Whitten Rd-Lochwinnoch, etc. Total 100 kms aprox. Hope to see you. If only a few riders show up, then, we may change the route.

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