August 02: Okay, it is hard not to think about the rain and thunder and wind outside as I post about tomorrow’s ride. The weather truly is unstable this summer. Still, it does look as if the conditions will be fine for most if not all the ride on Saturday. So, based upon the latest forecast, I’m planning a westerly route to Renfrew. We will take in some hills before coffee. Here is the plan: (all subject to change of course) —

Stinsons at 7.30 am 7.30 am; Route: Campbell Dr to Braeloch to Castleford to GoE to Pinnacle to Hwy 60 to Raglan St to Burnstown Rd to Burnstown to the Neat cafe for coffee (at km 56); home from here via #508 (or White Lake/Campbell Side Rd/Mnt Creek) — your choice. Distance approx 80 kms (or 100 kms if via Mtn Creek).  Route based upon the current forecast and wind direction.

Not sure who is about. But, as of now, Saturday would appear to be the better day of the weekend. Expect that most of you haven’t left on vacation yet. New riders welcome, too.

Other News: August 18 tour from Eganville to Foymount. Details see

Okay, that’s it. ac

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