July 26: Okay, just a thought about the two cross-canada cyclists killed in Northern Ontario this week. Don’t know all the details but they were hit by a pick-up truck. This is a stark reminder to us to ride safely, to watch out for each other, to not take chances, to obey the rules of the road, to hold your line and to be alert and to ride in tight formation, to give vehicular traffic the right of way even if they are not in the ‘right’.  And, finally to ride a safe bicycle–maintain it, clean it, look after it. Remember, you have your buddy’s back and he has yours! Why not reaquaint yourself with the disclaimer page now.

Okay, the weather is superb. Let us make the most of it. I have a great circuit planned for Saturday—-but, then again, don’t I always. Still, this route has some new elements and will require forbearance. You’ll like it just the same, even if it entails about 10 kms of hardpact and hedgerows and roadside flowers in abundance. Hey, it is not all about the riding. Best check your tyres now. The conditions will be dry, with a south, south-east wind. What do you think. Isn’t is great to be alive—fit, firm, fine—always. Hesitant? Bear in mind the forecast for Sunday is for rain. Make the most of Saturday in case Sunday is a wash-out. Here is the plan:

Stinsons 7.30 am 7.30 am; Arnprior to Clayton Village. Home via Bellamy Mills Road to Bennies Crns to Blakeney to Pakenham; Hwy 29 to Conc 12 to Shaw Rd to Hwy 29 to Galetta Sd Rd to Dwyer Hill. Coffee after 66 kms at the Pakenham General Store. Total distance approx 87 kms.

And, oh–no bf this Saturday. Also, Gregg is cycling a bit. He and Dave and some others are thinking of starting another  group, with a focus on more relaxed riding. If you would like to contact Gregg, let me know. Ciao ac

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Don't Pay the Ferry Man Twice

Don’t Pay the Ferry Man Twice