Okay, two in one day. Bonus.

Hello world, so to speak. Check out @ArnpriorCycling on twitter for cycling news and commentary. Let’s get the word out on reading and recreation. Let’s not let McNab open “a door into the dark”(ness). What exactly is the real cost of restricting access to books and bikes. That’s a metaphor for the sake of alliteration.

Renfrew County has rates of obesity in males of 40%; females 35%. Do you expect those figures to go down anytime soon with McNab’s proposed elimination of its cost sharing agreement with Arnprior. And who said that reading was a luxury. Who would have thought that McNab Council would be proponents of aliteracy.

And, let’s do something about that dump. It is 2013, after all. Unbelievable but true. You just can’t make this stuff up. Will a new physician ever come to Arnprior and McNab-Braeside?

FYI, the earlier post had incorrect info on the twitter account. This has now been corrected. Comments always welcome.

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