July 07: 73 Kms; B17 2 Hrs 25; 269 Metres; 2415 Calories. Mark, Raymond, Keith, Rob, Perry, Angelo, Eric, Scott.

Okay, I have been out all afternoon on the river. No time for this. Just a brief note on this morning’s cycle.

That was a most satisfying ride. We missed the rain and everyone was back home in good time to watch Andy Murray make tennis history at Wimbledon. Yes, it was a big thumbs-up for the choice of route, especially the Pinnacle Road section, which was a feast for the eye. I had to add Pinnacle Road and Pinnacle Hill, a slight change from the planned route, to take some punch out of the legs of the lads. I’m not so sure it worked, since the last thirty km ride home from the top of Story Land was certainly up-tempo. Perry, Scott, and Keith had no time for slow-time, with each of them pulling hard with nary a glance backward. Next time we will climb Pinnacle twice. Fortunately, Rob and Eric were there to take control and moderate the pace. We all stayed together. There was no loss of contact as feet to pedals were hard at work. Bottom line it was a gas. You just should have been there. And, you can next weekend. Stay tuned.

Fueling up before the final 30 kms

Fueling up before the last 30 kms