July 06: 96.61 Kms; B17 3 Hrs 17; 584 Metres; 3241 Calories. Jeff, Mark, Raymond, Keith, Rob, Perry, Mark W., Simon, Angelo, Laura, Mike

Okay, it was encouraging to see so many riders this morning, especially given the designated route. I had thought that the terrain and distance might have been a disincentive. I was wrong. Very nice to see Laura on her first group ride this season; also welcome back to Mike and Mark W. That made for an even dozen on a hot stove ride. You might say we were cooking. Or, to be correct, Keith, Rob, and Perry were les trois chefs, ‘cinq etoiles’, with Mark the sous-chef extraordinaire. The route offered up several tasty delights including Norton Rd, Pucker St, Burnstown Rd and Russett Dr., with the latter two entrees boiling on the front burner! By the last corner approaching Stinsons and with two hundred metres remaining, I was anxious and ready to launch an attack. Now was the time. I made a fierce break from the pack, swinging out from the slipstream and around the front four in a flash. I was away and moments from stealing the sprint, when Jeff (out of nowhere) pipped me to the post, with inches to spare and smiling as if to say–got ya! Smiles and fist pumps at Stinsons–priceless! You just should have been there. And you can on Sunday. Don’t miss it.

Stinsons 7.30 am 7.30 am; Route: Renfrew-Storyland- River Rd-Arnprior; Distance 80 kms approx.; Pace more conservative than to-day. Coffee at Tim’s in Renfrew after about 35 kms.

Big thanks to Jeff and Raymond for looking after Laura. Kudos to Laura for sticking it out.

Animal Count: eastern white tail deer and an endangered Blanding’s Turtle (status threatened).

”I come into the peace of wild things/who do not tax their lives with forethought/of grief. I come into the presence of still water./And I feel above me the day-blind Stars/waiting with their light. For a time/I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.” Wendell Berry

Turtle Talk

Turtle Talk

''Root' Beer Smile ‘Root’ Beer Smile