June 30: 101.4 kms; (B17) 3 Hrs 15; 338 Metres; 3587 Calories. Jeff, Mark, Peter, Perry, Rob, Kevin, Andrew, Marcel.

Okay, so who do think had ‘jam’ on their toast this morning? Now, that was a sweet ride, a glycemic high on super smooth, tarmac: Galetta Side Rd, Sixth Line, Riddell Dr, Carp Rd, and then Galetta Side Rd again! All thanks to Rob, our tour director who suggested a little change, even if it meant a head wind on the return leg. No matter. Very nice, indeed, though it did mean we stood-up Alice and missed her fulsome delights. Still, Starbucks was a ready alternative and most welcomed. Here, we had a tough choice between ‘naked’ and coffee. Coffee won. Well, what can I say–”you just should have been there.”  And, you can on Canada Day, when we will ease up and relax and just meander. If you haven’t been out, this would be a good opportunity. The average pace will be in the 25-26 range. We will stay together. Don’t be shy. See route below–all subject to change but that’s the plan as of now:

Stinsons at 8 am 8 am; Route: White Lake, Waba, Burnstown for coffee; then #508 to Lochwinnoch and Stevenson Dr to Campbell Dr. Distance 68 kms. Hey, it’s Canada Day, after all–a mari usque ad mare. (psalm 72.8)

ciao, ac Contact at arnpriorcycling@bell.net

Museum Installation Circa 06 '13

Museum Installation Circa 06 ’13