Okay, no stats to-day. I suppose the rain was not so bad but then again it was on and off again all day. Just plain damp and depressing. But, looks fine now for Sunday. In fact, the sun is shining now as i write this but it was lost to view for most (all) of the day. It is a tease, I know. No question about that. Here is the plan:

a) the route originally scheduled for this morning (to Renfrew) or

b) Arnprior to Alice’s Restuarant via Galetta, Dunrobin, Greenland, Thomas Dolan, Carp; home via DBM, Logger’s Way, etc.; Total distance 90 km approx. Coffee after about 60 kms. Pace relaxed because I have lost my mojo. ”Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.” (proverb)

This is a great little route on some roads we rarely ride, especially on the outward leg. Rob will be our guide. There is some climbing but nothing too significant. You will just want to be there. b) is my preferred route for Sunday. As of now the wind direction is from the nw, swinging around to the north. If it remains so, then, we will ride b). In fact, let us just say we will ride b). Hope you agree. So, we will meet at Arnprior Library at 8 am 8am and head out old hwy 17 to the Galetta side rd to Woodkilton, etc. Would be nice to see several riders since we are likely to have a head wind on the return journey. You know you just don’t want to miss this ride.

Bike ready–check; clothes set out–check; water bottle, Nunn tablets, gummy chews, bars–check; sunscreen–check; weather report–check; porridge on stove for the morning–check. Are you ready–check. 

Okay. Bye bye. May you be fit, fine, firm–always. hc contact at arnpriorcycling@bell.net

ps: Did you see stage one of the TDF? An absolute farce and a disgrace to the organizers. No wonder the guys take drugs. The organizers funnel them like cattle running in panic up a narrow loading ramp, on their way to slaughter, to a waiting railroad car. What an end to a 213 km stage race. Imagine racing for five hours only to have all 198 riders receive the same time, even though this was the only fair thing to do. I’m surprised the lads didn’t revolt. Too bad for Kittel. His three jersey (yellow, green, white) palmares for Porto-Vecchio/Bastia will be remembered not for his daring or his speed but rather for the wedged Orica Green Edge bus at the finish line and an unfortunate  crash (4 kms from the finish line) that took out not only the top three sprinters but also any drama remaining in the run to the finish; and, this on the one hundredth running of the TDF!