June 23: 96.66 kms; 3hrs 09; 360 metres; 3528 calories. Mark, Keith, Perry, Marcel, Kelly, Kevin, Scott. Total kms for the weekend 174.

Okay, so my new R5 creaks and I’m weary but maybe more from to-day’s ride than ennui from too many possessions. Still, the annoying noise and groan of my BBright bottom bracket was the discordant note in an otherwise melodious paceline, made up as it was of the sweet sound of  high cadence and singing tyres perfectly in tune with the smooth road. The conditions were good. No rain for a change but with high humidity. The pace was—well, lets just say it was spirited. No problem though until the last couple of rollers to the T-junction at Tatlock and Clayton road. We had as they say ”separation.” But, a quick regroup fixed that. From here to the Union Hall and then down Wolf Grove Road to the lights at Hwy 29 was a rollick, with Marcel, Keith, and Perry taking turns at the front several times as we rode the undulating terrain towards Equator Coffee. Each successive pull upped the pace, until on his final pull, Marcel (holding back a bit)  hit 50 kms+, with the rest of us in the big chain ring now, strung out behind him like little chicks chasing after their mother. You just should have been there. As Perry said, I just love this!”

And so to coffee and then home via Blakeney and Panmure Rd,with Dwyer Hill and a nice tail wind ultimately providing the long-awaited entrée as we rode hard towards Arnprior. Now that was fun!

Okay, special hello to Scott, a Brit, recently moved to the Carleton Place area from Winnipeg.

Okay, here is a link from Raymond http://tinyurl.com/RLCT2013-3   photos 68, 71, 72, 73. Recognize anyone?

Okay, several of the lads will be away next weekend–Keith, Raymond, Eric, others?

ciao for now. Stay fit, firm, fine–always. hc arnpriorcycling@bell.net. Comments always welcome

Two more minutes, please

Two more minutes, please

Refueling--crepe fruit delight