June 22: 77 kms; 2.35 Hrs; 127 Metres; 2676 calories. Keith, Perry, Simon, Alastair, Eric.

Okay, so the bicycles were a bespattered mess and had to be cleaned–again. What’s new with that. Just another day on the bike in the rain. But, it was okay. Well, it was okay when it finally stopped in Pakenham. Before then, we had a very wet hwy 508 section, leaving us totalled soaked long before the Burnstown corner. Let’s just say there wasn’t much conversation. It was pedal to the metal, especially with Keith and Perry leading the way to White Lake and then with Keith in front on a long five kilometre stretch into Pakenham. Now that was a ride. You just should have been there.

As for coffee, we had it on the front steps of the General Store because the air-conditioner was turned on inside. Unbelievable! We didn’t hang around, preferring instead to pound up the hill out of Pakenham to shake the chill off, if not each other, by the top. That did it. It was magic the rest of the way, with dry pavement and a good tailwind. What else would you want. Well, what about a dry ride on Sunday. Here is the plan:

Stinsons (White Lake Rd & Vanjamar), 7.30 am 7.30 am; a) Arnprior to Renfrew 90 kms approx or b) Arnprior to Almonte via Clayton and home via Blakeney 80 kms approx. Most likely route will be to Renfrew beacuse of an anticipated switch in the wind direction from NNE to NW. Final decision on the route to be made in the morning. Would be nice to see a few cyclists.

hc arnpriorcycling@bell.net comments always welcome.

Kudos to Eric’s sons–Sam, Ben, and Tim, all of whom raced in the Preston St. (UCI sanctioned) races in Ottawa last weekend. Sam (8) came first in his age class; Ben (5) was third in his class; Tim (3) out sprinted all his fellow training wheelers! Well done boys. You will be riding with us before you know it.

Okay, I thought sure I would have heard back on this video: It is not about the nail. Quite funny.


Time to go

Time to go

What's the hurry?

What’s the hurry?