June 16: 61 kms; 2 hrs 17; 254 metres; 1968 calories. Mark, Keith Kevin.

Okay. Delusion reigns—Well, it did for a while this morning, as we held out hope that we might outrun the weather system. After all, the sky wasn’t black; there were no thunderous clouds overhead; the air was calm; and, while the grey sky took the shine off the morning, it added depth and dimension to the lush fields of tall grass . This and the roadside wild flowers and the ups and downs of  the winding road of Concession Nine all contributed to this morning’s charm. You just should have been there. Still, in the air, hung a sense of foreboding that we might get wet. And, we did but not until the Burnstown Bridge downhill that took us to the Neat, where we stopped to cradle coffee and watch (from the warmth inside) the rain form puddles and rivulets on the pavement. As the conditions worsened, we became even more reluctant to leave. What about another coffee? Well no, we would have to face the music; we had no choice but to saddle-up. So off we went into the pouring rain, with Keith up and away like the billy-oh (not to be seen again for twenty-two kilometres). Still, it was not so bad once we were under way. Our common thought was ”thank goodness we didn’t get this last Sunday on the ride from Kingston. Isn’t it always just a matter of perspective? Till next week–hc

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ps: happy Fs’ D.

All smiles--Rain what rain?

All smiles–Rain what rain?

Apres' Bike

Apres’ Bike