Okay–what you gonna do? Training for the RLCT is done–finished, you say. Why ride now, you say. What’s the point, you say. Feet up until next April, you say.

No!, no way, I say. Don’t break that weekend morning-ride habit. You know, you will just regret it. Really.

Okay—-a change in plans to allow us to take part in MMBM in Almonte. For details see www.mmbm.ca. Not much enthusiasm for my earlier post on Pucker St, I guess. Well another time.

If you are pressed for time, the Tour of Mississippi Mills may not be for you, since it is a remote start and the start time is 8.30 am, maybe later. There are several circuits to choose from. I’m thinking of the 100 km route. All the tours follow the same routes, except that some circle back towards Almonte at varying distances. Sounds as if it might be a nice change from our usual rides from Stinsons. The weather will be good. Cost is $15 but that includes a barbeque lunch. Of course, we may stop for coffee along the way. What do you think?

You can register on arrival at (or near) 30 Mill Street (the bottom of the town) Almonte. Best be early, although the start time may be shoved back a bit. Don’t know. In any event, I’m heading to Almonte in the morning. May need to hitch a ride back with someone. We will see. Hope to see you there.

As noted before I expect a low turnout of our lads, since some are away/not available-Keith, Peter, others? Still, give it a thought. We should have lots of riders for company from Almonte (Les and his crew). It is always nice to meet new cyclists.

Other Info:

http://www.seatosea.org Received this link from Frank F. Frank is cycling the West coast section (June 22) and then the Montreal-New York leg (in August). He has raised $5K to help with anti-poverty initiatives. Apparently, organizers anticipate that this tour will be the largest bicycle tour ever to cross the USA and Canada. Check it out.

http://music.cbc.ca/#/blogs/2013/5/Video-premiere-Jeremy-Fishers-Built-to-Last (thanks to Raymond)
http://player.vimeo.com/video/66753575?autoplay=1&api=1 (thanks Al–Cuba Bay of Pigs Tour)(quite funny-give it time)
www.silverchainchallenge.ca  (from Alastair) Re: the Silver Chain Challenge- show Lanark County we ride lots of kilometres here in the Ottawa Valley and Renfrew County. Create account at , log all your riding miles- RLCT included- for the month of June. Lanark is ahead right now, the MAFIA could really pull Renfrew up to them.

Okay, that’s it for me for now. ciao hc—–comments always welcome:  arnpriorcycling@bell.net

”Demostratio longe optima est experientia–By far the best proof is experience” fb