Okay, this is not about cycling. But, I’m prompted to write these few words by my reading in the Chronicle Guide about Arnprior’s recent branding exercise. I thought perhaps the above tag-line might be appropriate.  Now, the Town of Arnprior and MOE may well say that there are no public safety issues with respect to aquifers and ground water. And, this may be true. Just the same one has to question why in 2013 Arnprior would own, operate and manage a dump on a hill  some two-hundred metres away from the Ottawa River. Further, any future residential development of the lower Usborne Road is problematic. The optics are not great and no amount of white washing will improve the view. I guess perspective is a matter of time, distance and vested interests; those on the hill in Braeside have their concerns about the operation of Miller’s proposed asphalt plant; those of us down-wind and down- steam from the dump question why the dump is still in operation at all.

Now, I’m all for cycling. Perhaps, we need to re-cycle the Braeside dump! ac