Luggage is carry-on size only

Bring confirmation letter and sign waiver in advance

Verify bib number on confirmation letter to OBC website bib number

Check out at Student Residence (R) across from the (Red) parking lot #8 (ONLY)!

McDonalds at 1850 Baseline Rd (corner of baseline and Navaho) 723-5719. Open 24/7.

Plan to meet there for coffee at 5:45 am, if you wish; otherwise—-

Plan to register and saddle-up by 6:45 am! Meeting place for saddle-up is the green verge closest to the Student Residence building on North Access Drive. Check map on the OBC RLCT home page

Full info at the OBC site RLCT home page

Key points: safety, rules of the road, and enjoy the ride/tour. hc

Comments/questions to arnpriorcycling@bell.net