89.5 kms; 3.05 Hrs; 537 Metres; 2936 Calories. Jeff, Mark, Raymond, Keith, Rob, Kevin, Tim, Simon, Mark W, Andrew,

Okay, not even the prospects of a wet ride could dampen the enthusiasm this morning. Perhaps, the warm, humid air had something to do with that. Or, then again, perhaps, it was the looming mountain of the RLCT next weekend that had eleven of us ready and eager to ride at Stinsons. Whatever it was, we rode with verve and vigour through the puddles to the pinnacle of Pinnacle Road–delightful, even on an overcast morning, as we passed by fields of knee-high grass, rising and falling to a gentle south-west wind. And, all this before the obligatory sprints yet to come– up the long, Goshen Hill to Hwy 508; and finally, from White Lake, down the mountain to Arnprior, with Keith pedalling effortlessly at the front and an exhilarated train of cyclists behind. You just should have been there. And, you can tomorrow. Here is the plan:

Venue: Stinsons 8 am 8 am

Route: Pakenham via the Crevier and Stewartville, White Lake, Campbell Side Road, Waba Road to Pakenham for sticky buns on the steps of the Pakenham General Store; home via Kinburn Side Road to Dwyer Hill, etc. Distance: 70 kms.

Okay, this is likely to be a wet ride. That is to say, showers. If it gets too wet, we can circle home at various points. We may have to eat those sticky buns in the General Store! hc


I’m having problems with the Zone Three video link. Will send a separate email soon.

Life is sweet

Life is sweet