69.76 kms; 2.32 Hrs; 179 Metres; 2354 calories. mark, keith, rob, eric

Okay. Mark and I had any easy ride to Ottawa this morning in the good company of Eric, Keith and Rob, with Eric at the front for the etape. Overall, though, it was the grey and sunless sky and the unseasonably cool temperature that stood out. It was therefore a welcome respite to feel a great waft of warm air as we entered Starbucks in Kanata. It was hard to leave that space. Still, duty called. Rob and Keith headed back to Arnprior into a headwind, even though Keith tried to assure me that he and Rob would have a tailwind. One just had to believe–that’s all. And, you know, I think Keith was smiling because Eric and Mark and I  faced a headwind of sorts on the last 25 kms into Ottawa (along March Road and Carling Avenue).  As for Kathleen, Mark and I arrived in time to see her finishing the marathon in just under four hours–a couple of minutes faster than her time from last year. She had been on pace for 3.45 but a too quick start caused her to back off the pace in the later stages. There is a good message here for the RLCT. No need to say anything further.

Congratulations to Kathleen, Tim, Margaret, Jennifer, Karen, Brian on their Race Weekend performances!

Okay, this is our last week of hard effort training for the RLCT. This is also the last week for intervals and hills. In fact, next weekend, we will drop the mileage and the effort. Will provide details mid-week, most likely.

Also, if you plan to change tyres or make other adjustments to your bicycle, don’t wait any longer. Also, buy your ride- drinks and energy bars now. Don’t be left scrambling at the last-minute. Always ride a safe and a clean bicycle.

ciao for now. hc arnpriorcycling@bell.net

ps: as for luca, it is amazing (probably not) what one doesn’t know or has not previously heard of.

pps: Jason Munn poster of man in valve stem