169.4 kms; 6.16 hrs; 852 metres; 5519 calories. jeff, mark, peter, perry, keith, dave, rob,derek, kevin, alastair.

Okay, now that was a ride–very tough on the outward leg to Pembroke (88 kms), with  strong and gusty winds, blowing the bicycles sideways at times, making progress slow and difficult. Fortunately, we had some fine horses pulling at the front to alleviate the strain. And, by the time we rode into Irvings for breakfast, the hard effort was rewarded by a hardy meal. I think Derek won hands down with a Hungry Wolf special. His plate took up two place settings.You just should have been there. And, you can next May when we ride to Pembroke again. As for the homeward stretch (81 kms), it was very nice. You just can’t beat a tailwind (or was that a gale wind). Whatever it was it was what we needed and what we had hoped for.  Overall, to-day’s ride was super training and it gave each of us a taste of what we might expect and what we might hope to achieve on the RLCT. The distance was just short (10 kms) of the Ottawa-Kingston etape but the total elevation gain exceeded it. Now that is good news. If you were in doubt, you now know you can do it!

As for Sunday, I regret that it is everyone for one’s self. Mark and I are riding to Ottawa to see my daughter, Kathleen,  running the marathon. We will return to a normal schedule next weekend. hc