Okay, I have delayed this post because the weather forecast for the weekend keeps changing. There is no denying that this has been a cool and unstable weather mass for the past couple of weeks. Still, we have no option but to ride if we want to be adequately trained for the RLCT. With that in mind, here is the proposed plan:

Venue: Old Orchard Estates (need directions send email to arnpriorcycling@bell.net)

Time: 7.30 am (it will be a cool start)

Route: River Rd to Storyland to the Four Crns to Haley Station and onwards on back roads (that only Keith knows) to Cobden and then onwards to Pembroke (on back roads that only Keith knows); home via Beachburg and Foresters Falls, Queensline, etc. Mid-morning lunch (bacon and eggs/pancakes) at the Irving Truck Stop in Pembroke.

Distance: 170 kms, as best I recall; 781 Metres of climbing.

Objective: Ride for saddle time, distance, zone two–for the most part.

Okay, that’s it, unless there is a significant change in the weather. Best to check for updates late on Friday; otherwise, the ride details are as stated above. hc

”Midway through the journey of our life/ I awoke to find myself in a dark wood,/ for I had wandered off the straight path”  Dante A. (from tDC)