61 kms; 2.28 Hrs; 231 Metres; 1850 calories. Mark, Peter, Dave, Tim.

Okay, it wasn’t quiet like doing nothing but this morning’s ride was as advertised–nice and easy. Right in zone one. Sorry that we had such a small turnout because the conditions were good, the distance just enough, and the pace was more than manageable. You just can’t beat that, especially after two days of good mileage and intense riding. And to think that with all that riding we still were just shy of 300 kms. Not quite enough to get us to Kingston and back. Just the same it is all good preparation for the ultimate ride on June 08-09. There is not much time now to get ready. Next weekend is the last one for big mileage. You just don’t want to miss it. Stay tuned for details mid-week of the 170 km ride to Pembroke scheduled for Saturday. Fingers crossed for fair winds and good weather!

Meantime, good luck to a few cyclists we know for Race Weekend:

Kathleen and Emily and Jamie–the marathon

Margaret and Karen and Jennifer–the half marathon

Tim and Brian– the Ten K. If I have missed anyone–sorry.

ciao for now.  hc