Okay. It is all good news. The weather has improved, is improving, and will continue to improve for the next several days. I know, I know — you didn’t check this site to hear about the weather forecast. Still, it is good news, especially after what we endured cycling last weekend. But, there you have it; no excuse for not jumping on the bike for two great days of cycling, two great training rides to test your readiness for the RLCT. And, you know, I’m sure, there are just three training weekends left. The next two, in particular, will see us ride significant mileage. For the third weekend we will take the mileage and effort down. You therefore don’t want to miss the next two. How about it?

Okay, it is your call. Here is the preliminary plan as of now:

Meet at Stinsons on White Lake Rd (start time to be posted on Friday afternoon); Route: White Lake Rd, 10th Conc, etc to Pakenham to Hwy 29 to Clayton Side Rd to Tatlock to Wolf Grove to Middleville to Hopetown (for coffee); from there to Calabogie and then home via #508 to Arnprior, with a stop for the real coffee at the Neat; Distance 140 kms; Pace just below tempo as per Friel’s zone definitions. Hope this works for everyone; Forecast is good, with winds expected to be from the east. That means a headwind for the first 25 kms and for the final 60 kms or so.

For those not wanting to do the distance, you have options to ride to Tatlock Rd and then loop back via Almonte and Blakeny to Arnprior. Distance 70-80 kms. Not sure.

Okay, not exactly in medias res, but there you have it. Will post start time for Saturday’s ride on Friday afternoon. hc

contact: arnpriorcycling@bell.net