70 kms; 2.46 hrs in the saddle; 325 metres; 2083 calories. pd, rm, pr, ko, rt.

What’s the point of this activity. We ride so that we can ride. Not sure if this is enough.

Okay, sometimes, the hardest part is just getting on the bicycle. The weather is always a factor; to-day was no exception. The unspoken questions this morning were.”Are we crazy? Why are we doing this?” Now, that’s disquieting, if not heretical. Still, it’s worth asking, since at the end of the ride all one has is the relief that the effort is done, so to speak; and, of course, a general feeling of well-being or is it exhaustion–which comes first? Your call.

Well, six of us left Stinsons this morning with only one thought and that was– how can we get this over with, quickly. Now, that would be hard to do with 35 km winds hitting us hard head-on, making the first five kilometres on Russett Dr. a slog! Thank goodness for the pace-line and for the front riders, who made the draft possible. And, you know, by the time we reached the Crevier, the sun was out and it wasn’t so bad. Still, you are probably glad you weren’t there with us. But, you’ll have a chance next week when we ride one of our signature training circuits–Arnprior-Almonte-Middleville-Hopetown-Calabogie-Arnprior; 140+ kms. Not to be missed.

If you ride this week, leave something in the tank for the weekend.

Kudos to Peter for riding strong this morning. Sometimes even an easy ride can be hard–for all of us.

And, oh, happy mother’s day. hc

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