101 kms; 3.35 hrs saddle time; 730 metres; 3618 calories for the wee man. ja, mg, pr, ko, rt, ds(2), kk, ts.

”Virtue needs a director and a guide; Vice can be learned even without a teacher.” Seneca the Younger

Okay. Who really wanted to stay in bed this morning? Feels good now, doesn’t it. On the other hand, maybe a lesson on how to read and understand the weather forecast might be worthwhile. I’ll be darned  if I could see any rain on the radar. Still, what rain there was was of no consequence. So, off we went, all nine of us in various dress–booties, no booties, shorts, leggings, tights, headbands, multilayered–towards Pucker St, which some have said has the wrong consonant for a first letter. Just saying. Well, it was not so bad but it did take some effort. All in all, just a great training run, right in the sweet zone for the maximum training effect. And if the ride up and back Pucker left anyone with extra zip, it was soon spent on the 10 km scoot across to the Neat cafe, where we enjoyed a well-earned respite and coffee (and a morning cookie) on the old school-house stage. Priceless! You just should have been there; and, you can tomorrow.

Here’s the plan: subject to change, of course

Pace: easy, after to-day’s hard effort. It doesn’t hurt to go easy!Venue: Stinsons White Lake Rd; Time: 8 am 8am; Temperature 4 C; SW winds–it will be cool but sunny; Route: Renfrew and home via Bruce St and River Road; Distance: less than 80 kms; Coffee at Tim’s, I’m afraid–sorry.

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Where's the microphone and who's singing?

Where’s the microphone and who’s singing?