Sunday May 05, 2013: 92 kms; 3.17 hrs saddle time; 890 metres of climbing (can that be right?); 2970 calories. Ja,mg,ko,rt,ds,kk,ec,sk,monika

 ‘’On solitary rides in the spring, I find I solve most of my problems, finish most of my projects, … . Sometimes I’m even able to remember what I have thought about when I got home … .’’ Greg Curnoe

 Okay—so the miscreant wind made a wrong turn as we sat in the bower and drank coffee at the Neat; and, we listened with mouth agape as Mark recounted, with some flair, the days of his youth when he was wont to ‘’ride and roll’’ at the same time. Priceless.You just had to have been there, I guess; but it was funny. This after some 58 kms of honest effort followed by an 8 km interval (pedal to the metal) over the hills to the Neat at Burnstown—not to be missed. Pure joy, but then again lycra cycling and pain is an acquired taste. I wasn’t much fond of broccoli on my plate as a kid but I soon learned what was good for me. Not so much with brussel sprouts—haven’t mastered that one yet. So, yes, one must eat veggies and some of us must get our cycling fix each weekend. It’s mostly good fun, especially with a tailwind on the homeward stretch. That’s not quite what we had to-day. As I said the wind misread the route briefing this morning and became southerly instead of westerly. Still, it was a tasty ride. You just should have been there–especially at coffee. Ponce de Leon would have found his fountain.

 A big thank-you to Eric for his long pull(s) all day and from White Lake.

A big hello to Monika—friend of Simon’s. Look fwd to seeing you again.

 Okay, that’s it until next weekend. Details to follow midweek, most likely. All weather dependent, of course. Thanks for riding. Hc

 Ps: the best time to clean and check your bike over is right after the ride. Refuel first, of course.

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