90.03 kms; 3.11 hrs saddle time; 322 metres; 3044 calories—priceless: ja,mg,pd,ds,rt,pr,rm,ds,kk,ab,ec

Okay, how sweet was that! Twelve cyclists on the road on a great morning, finally. Bet you can’t wait until next weekend. All was good and the wind didn’t waiver from the south east, which meant a super easy cycle home from Almonte. Really, where else would you have rather been than on the bike with your buddies on one’s 65th birthday. And, to top it all, there was the Pakenham moose–not a common site. You just should have been there. And, you can next Saturday when we expect to ride to Quyon. Details to follow later in the week. Regardless, plan for about 180-200 kms of riding over the two days. If we ride the Quyon loop, we will probably ride Pucker St (out and back) on the Sunday. Try to get a couple of rides in this week but not on Friday. You will want to be fresh for Saturday. Sunday is hill day. That’s hill-day not hell-day. Stay tuned. hc ps: a big thank you to Eric for accompanying Peter.

The Prime Order after a ride: 1) refuel 2) wash bicycle 3) shower 4) refuel again–got it?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA