86 kms; 3:15 hrs saddle time; 445 metres of elevation; 2750 calories; ja, pd, pr, kk.

Okay. Rumour has it that several cyclists hit the roads this afternoon when the sun shone, finally.

Not so this morning when only five of us ventured out from Stinsons. Still, we had a good cycle, with the only rain coming from the spray of the bicycles in front. Things did improve as we rode onwards to Renfrew and the hills to Burnstown. It was pleasant enough riding, at least until Perry led us on a long climbing interval to coffee, with Jeff and I jumping on his wheel with his every surge so that we might stay sheltered from the wind. Exhausting, but timely. It is these sorts of efforts that add the required pepper to our training. You can imagine that the long downhill into Burnstown was a welcome reprieve and relief, as was the great waft of warm air hitting us squarely in the face as we entered the Neat Cafe. You just should have been there! And, you can tomorrow.

Here’s the proposed plan (subject to consensus):

Pakenham-Almonte, return via conc 10, hwh 29, clayton side rd, march rd, dwyer hill, panmure, dbm, loggers way, etc. anticipated mileage 83 kms, relatively flat, with turn arounds for those who wish to get home early. Hope to see you.

9am at Stinsons on Sunday; temp 9 C; winds SE. Anticiapte bare legs, what do you think?

Okay. That’s it. hc

”As knowledge increases, wonder deepens.” C Morgan