Okay. Sloth never sleeps. Now, is that a paradox?

Really, the relevant question is “what about tomorrow’s ride”?’

I say let’s do it but not first thing because of the forecast of rain and the early morning cool temperatures.

What about 11 am? It will be 7 C and windy. Ride is on whether rain or no rain.

Okay, here’s the proposed plan (subject to consensus):

– 11am Stinsons on White Lake road across from Antrim Truck Stop

– 78 km circuit via Mill Ridge Rd, the Crevier, Goshen Rd Gillan Rd to Barnet Blvd, Burnstown to the Neat Cafe. Home via White lake, Campbell Side Rd, Waba Rd, Shaw Rd, Hwy 29, Galetta Side Rd, Dwyer Hill—way too much information!

– coffee  after about 41 kms and some hill work on the Burnstown Rd from Barnet Blvd

If you can’t make the whole trip, you can break-away at several points to reduce the mileage. Your choice. Still, there are only six training weeks to the RLCT. Hope to see you in the morning at 11am. hc

ps: comments welcome at arnpriorcycling@bell.net or on the blog. Your choice.