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April 21: 58 kms, two hours

Okay. There you have it, a cool ride in the bright sunshine coming from an enormous expanse of blue sky. Priceless. You just should have been there with the ten of us in double pace-line formation as we pedaled down Russett Dr to the Crevier. Well, the form may have been a bit ragged but we were enthusiastic and keen. Not bad attributes. Just another day when sloth was slain temporarily. Not a small victory and one to be won each day.

A big welcome to Mike G., who had his inaugural ride with us to-day.

Stay tuned for an announcement about next weekend.
I expect three hours in the saddle (both days) and maybe some hard hill work. We have to make up for lost time.

Don’t ride an unsafe bicycle!

Ciao for now,

Today’s quotation: we are not here for our selves alone. Van Gogh